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Tom Ammiano Gov. Schwarzenegger Addresses Joint Session On The State's Budget
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Tom Ammiano Sean Penn And Rep. Leno Announce Legislation To Create Harvey Milk Day
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Sean Penn, Mark Leno 
Tom Ammiano San Francisco Mayor Unveils Universal Healthcare Plan
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Gavin Newsom, Sandra Hernandez 

Assembly Bill 1176 Full Text as Introduced by Tom Ammiano

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images)Normally no one cares about these low-level state legislature bills, but Assembly Bill 1176 is getting some major attention after getting a first-class "F--- You" veto from the Governator. Just as a quick recap, California Democrat Tom Ammiano has a serious rivalry going with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It started when the Republican governor showed up at a Democratic fundraising dinner, and was greeted by some hostile dems. Ammiano, of San Francisco, was quoted as...Read Full Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger Veto Letter to Tom Ammiano Contains Explicit Secret Message

By Jake on
Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken his rivalry with California state legislator Tom Ammiano to the next level with an explicit message hidden in a veto letter addressing a bill introduced by Ammiano. The non-controversial financing bill passed easily in the state legislature, but Ahnuld appears to have vetoed the bill for the sole purpose of sending a very specific message. What is that message? It's hidden in the first letter of each line of the statement. It's bold, it's vulgar, and it's...Read Full Story