Which '90s TV Star Lost 40 Pounds and Looks Hotter Than Ever?

By Deena Bustillo on
Today in juicy celebrity news: Miley Cyrus is doing just great without her ex-fiance, Prince George has an adorable playdate, a '90s star drops 40 pounds, and more...Clarissa Explains Her Weight LossA fabulous ex Nickelodeon star already has her bikini body ready for the summer. That's right, Melissa Joan Hart has lost 40 pounds and proudly showed off her slimmer figure on Instagram this week. "It's not everyday I like to show a lot of skin but these days I'm feeling confidant. Thanks...Read Full Story

The Sweet Scent of Success

By Chloe Harris Frankeny on
Photos by Getty Let's face it dah-lings: No one is anyone unless their name is emblazoned on a perfume bottle. The recent Duftstar 2010 awards gala in Berlin drove this point home as design moguls Marc Jacobs (for Lola), Tom Ford (Grey Vetiver) and Narciso Rodriguez (Essence) tied as winners in the "Exclusive" category. The fragrance honors weren't just spritzed upon the fashion folk, however. Pop princess Christina Aguilera received the People's Prize for her signature scent, Christina...Read Full Story

Tom Ford Pays His Boyfriend to Walk the Dog

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images. Fashion designer and film director Tom Ford is a very busy man. It's not entirely surprising that he relies on his boyfriend, journalist Richard Buckley, to handle the littany of daily chores he isn't around for - including walking the dog. But he has to shell out cash.Ford told, "I have to pay my boyfriend to walk the dog, and he takes the money! I have to pay him twenty dollars. I have to actually have a bill in my hand, and he'll take it from me and then he...Read Full Story