Tony Parker Is Not a Chris Brown Fan

(Getty Images | PacificCoastNews)San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker was among the injured in last summer's W.i.P. nightclub brawl, i.e. that time Chris Brown, Drake, and their respective crews threw bottles at each other over Rihanna. After the NBA star suffered a pierced cornea that affected his ability to ball, he file a $20 million lawsuit against the club, alleging that security had allowed the melee to happen.

This week, Parker's lawyer filed new documents in the case, noting that Brown recently made headlines yet again for a violent encounter — this time with fellow singer Frank Ocean at a recording studio. This, the document claims, is proof that Brown is "unfit to socialize," and therefore the nightclub should never have let him in.

Well then! It looks like Chris Brown will NOT be guesting on Tony P.'s next French rap album.

In other news, someone at some unidentified newspaper does not know the difference between Drake and Chris Brown, and has apparently never heard a Frank Ocean song:

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