New Season 7 'Walking Dead' Clip May Portend Bad Things For Daryl

Why is Dwight wearing those angel wings?

New Season 7 'Walking Dead' Clip May Portend Bad Things For Daryl

AMC has released a new clip for The Walking Dead and it's pretty annoying. Annoying because Dwight (Austin Amelio), that rat-looking Savior of Negan's crew, is riding Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) motorcycle and wearing his angel wing vest. 


Dwight is already known for taking Daryl's stuff. He took his bike before, but the vest? That's something different, something very... personal.

Is Daryl dead? That's what AMC wants us to believe.

Not bloody likely considering Glenn will be the one Negan kills when the series returns October 23.

This is a typical Walking Dead red herring. Stir up the fans' collective fears about their favorite character to hype the new season. There is no show on TV that treats its fans' feelings more recklessly

Not only did The Walking Dead wuss out at the end of last season with that fade to bloody black final shot, but the show is now going to torture us with these kinds of clips from now until the premiere. 

Check out the clip and decide for yourself:

Fortunately, the full season seven trailer for The Walking Dead, which debuted at Comic-Con in July, is pretty damn cool. Don't let the AMC marketing leptons discourage your enthusiasm with those teaser clips. Check out the full-length trailer below, again.

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