For Better or Worse, the 'Robocop' Reboot Officially Has a Trailer

In Hollywood, the remake business is a tricky one, especially when it comes to cult classics. Sometimes you end up with a gem like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, which was a win with critics, casual moviegoers, and fanboys alike. Other times, you get the celluloid equivalent of a brain fart like the new Total Recall or Wicker Man (although don't sleep on the unintentional comedy of Nicolas Cage in the latter).

So when news broke that Robocop was getting a reboot, it was understandably met with skepticism, especially when word came down that it was going from the R rating of the original to a more box office friendly PG-13. Now we finally get a trailer for the new version, and from the looks of it, the skepticism was warranted.

People are already flipping out about the fact that they changed the Robocop suit, altered his origin story, and made him way more sentient than the original. But the thing that threw me was just how dated the movie looks, particularly when they had more than $120 million to make it look cool. On the plus side, the cast is awesome. You get Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Michael K. Williams, and Joel Kinnamen, so maybe this can be saved. Maybe?
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