Trailer Watch: 'Admission' — Tina Fey & Paul Rudd Finally Make a Movie Togeher

(Photo: Universal)

While Liz Lemon's , tough-minded, "I don't need anyone," career-first attitude appears to be softening with this last season of 30 Rock – she's even getting [gasp] married — that doesn't mean Tina Fey isn't still perfect for that character archetype. Case in point: the trailer for Admission.

Fey plays the unfortunately named Portia Nathan, an admissions counselor at Princeton, whose occupational ambition is a top priority, which somehow translates into being dreadful mother material. While battling for a promotion, Nathan gets lured away to inspect an alternative school that doubles on a farm or something. What's more important is the school's run by an old friend, played by Paul Rudd, who has a secret: Nathan's orphan son may or may not be one of the school's students.

Like Fey, Rudd isn't exactly breaking type for Admission. He's the charming, lovable goof, and she's the independent yet insecure, witty yet self-deprecating outspoken go-getter. But the fact that we finally get both of them in one movie is enough to get excited about Admission, even if you can see the familiar plot points coming from a mile away.
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