The First Trailer for 'Ready Player One' Will Blow You Away

Steven Spielberg's big-screen adaptation brings '80s pop culture to life.

The First 'Ready Player One' Trailer Will Blow You Away
Warner Bros.

Are you ready? 

During a Saturday San Diego Comic-Con panel, Steven Spielberg premiered the first trailer for his retro-inspired thriller, Ready Player One. And, boy, is this film shaping up to be quite inspiring. 

The film, a big-screen adaptation of Ernest Cline's 2011 best-selling book of the same name, is about an '80s-inspired virtual reality that lets people escape the outside world plagued by poverty after depleting fossil fuels and global warming wreak havoc on earth. 

Tye Sheridan steps into the role of Parzival, a poor "gunter" who is on the hunt for clues hidden within the OASIS that will allow one user to inherent a great fortune and the company. In the clip, we get a peek at this fantastic virtual reality world brought to life — and all glorious '80s references that go along with it: The Iron Giant, a Back to the Future DeLorean, and even Freddy Krueger. 

The trailer also features the stacks, some super cool fight scenes, and the slick tech company who is also fighting for the prize.. The clip doesn't talk much about James Halliday (a.k.a. the OASIS creator) or how the easter egg hunt works, but we're guessing that will all be played out in future trailers. 

Ready Player One will hit theaters on March 30, 2018. 

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