The animated movie will feature Louis C.K., Kevin Hart and Ellie Kemper.
'Boulevard' also stars Bob Odenkirk and Kathy Baker.
Watch him dust off his fish-out-of-water schtick in the first trailer.
The animals talk, but they don't always get along.
He plays an astronaut stranded on the Red Planet in the new movie.
Tom Cruise nearly drowns, Everest rages, and Margot Robbie finds herself in a post-apocalyptic love triangle in the latest clips.
What if that giant dino-destroying asteroid never hit Earth?
Kristen Stewart gets stoned and Ashley Greene rises from the dead in two of the many new trailers this week.
Surfing! Motorcycles! Flight suits! The only law is gravity.
It's totally okay to beat up children if they're trying to eat you.
Escaping the maze was just the beginning...
Relax — a Jem for the YouTube generation isn't "ruining" anything.
This movie does not need anyone's analysis. Just enjoy the abs.
Duh: Two Tom Hardys is better than one Tom Hardy, right?
Still no Mila, but Tom Brady is nearly assaulted and damaged for life.
It's basically a retelling of 'Magic Mike,' but the bodies look impressive!
M. Night Shyamalan's new trailer for 'The Visit' features some freaky grandparents.