Real estate agent killed over price paid for home

When Muskegon, Mich. real estate agent Troy VanderStelt, 33, went into a conference room to meet with former client Robert Johnson, 73, he had no way of knowing what was to come next.

Johnson, allegedly angry over paying too much for his home, shot VanderStelt at point-blank range in the side of his head.

Johnson had visited a second real estate agent after deciding to sell the home, but given the current dismal climate in the real estate market, he was told the home was not worth what he had paid for it. Johnson apparently placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of his former real estate agent and took matters into his own hands.

After executing his former real estate agent, Johnson fled from the scene and was apprehended nearby at his former son-in-law's home.

Muskegon County prosecutor Tony Tague has said this is the first murder in Muskegon County this year and the first in the Roosevelt Park area in 20 years.

VanderStelt's page has already been turned into a virtual shrine for the beloved husband and father.

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