Tuned In: Nicki Minaj Cancels UK Tour Dates, Flips Out on Twitter

(Getty)Nicki Minaj now has something in common with Adele. The colorfully bewigged rapper pulled out of a number of performances at the UK's V Festival this week, citing "strained vocal cords." The strain must have gotten to her head, too: She followed the cancellations with an expletive-laden Twitter rant before unleashing collective fan rage at The Hollywood Reporter, who documented her diatribe.

Also, the boy band explosion finally happened, Beyoncé proved herself the world's best human once again, Selena Gomez explained why her Twitter account is nothing but zzz and more abbreviated music news and gossip.

  •  Nicki Minaj, rumored frontrunner for one of the judging seats on the upcoming season of American Idol, is really angry. The rapper says she strained her vocal cords during a performance at New York City's Roseland Ballroom on August 14, and was therefore unable to fulfill her commitment to perform at the V Festival in England. Apparently cancellations make her really angry — because she knows they'll become a story.

Somewhere, a publicist weeps.

Naturally, Minaj's fury landed an article of its own, courtesy Jordan Zakarin of The Hollywood Reporter. So Minaj turned the rage nozzle in his direction, but let her fans do the talking:
All of this anger comes at an interesting time, as Minaj is reportedly in talks to judge American Idol alongside Mariah Carey next season. But there is, of course, drama, as Minaj is a candy-coated spokesperson for Pepsi, while Idol is heavily sponsored by pop rival Coca Cola. It's a high fructose-powered war up in here!

  •  Hershey, Pennsylvannia was probably the loudest place on earth Sunday evening, as a number of the world's biggest boy bands congregated for a performance on the final day of the MixTape Festival at Hershey Stadium. Though Carly Rae Jepsen was on hand with the biggest hit of the summer, the night belonged to The Wanted, 98 Degrees, NKOTB, and the Backstreet Boys (who just regained Kevin Richardson a few weeks ago).

This is when it sucks to be any of the guys in 'N Sync except Justin Timberlake.

  •  Selena Gomez knows her Twitter account is boring:

  •  Miley Cyrus' lips just have a resting position set to duckface:
  •  Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill appears to be very much enamored of his 8-week-old baby girl, Dixie Pearl.

  •  Madonna released a statement condemning last week's Pussy Riot verdict:

I protest the conviction and sentencing of Pussy Riot to a penal colony for two years for a 40 second performance extolling their political opinions. Even if one disagrees with the location or how they chose to express themselves, the sentence is too harsh and in fact is inhumane. I call on all those who love freedom to condemn this unjust punishment. I urge artists around the world to speak up in protest against this travesty. They've spent enough time in jail. I call on ALL of Russia to let Pussy Riot go free.
  •  Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is keeping us all updated on what's really important.

  •  In celebration of World Humanitarian Day on Sunday, Beyoncé Knowles released the music video for her haunting ballad "I Was Here," filmed at the U.N. on August 11.

"This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here and we care," Beyonce stated.

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