Is This the New Justin Bieber?

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British Internet sensation turned pop star Conor Maynard brings his debut album stateside today. Though his career arc (so far) feels very similar to Justin Bieber's, he's not so happy with the comparisons. In other music news, David Bowie has released new music for the first time in a decade, and probably should headline Coachella, and a coroner's report confirms Amy Winehouse's cause of death.

Carving His Own Path
Conor Maynard made a name for himself online, has a baby face, and loves singing R&B influenced pop. So naturally, many have compared the British singer to Justin Bieber. Which apparently bugs the hell out of Maynard.

"I don't want to be the next anyone," he tells MTV News. "I want to be the first Conor Maynard. I think I want to have a successful career that is unique in its own way." Already a chart topping star in England, Maynard hopes to break into the U.S. market on the strength of his album Contrast, which drops domestically Tuesday.

While Maynard has a lot in common with Bieber, he's got a long ways to go in the popularity department. At the moment, the Brit has just over 1 million Twitter followers, which is roughly 32 times less than Bieber. And though the 20-year-old scored a No. 1 album in the U.K., he's yet to achieve the same level of success abroad. But with industry vet Ne-Yo as his mentor, and millions of passionate YouTube fans on his side, Maynard looks poised to become the next big thing.

Bowie Is Back
The legendary singer turned 66 today, and celebrated by releasing a surprise single titled "Where Are We Now?" The track comes off Bowie's upcoming album The Next Day, and is the first song he's released since 2003. With the album due out in March, it's obvious Bowie has plans to headline Coachella in April, right? Might as well start the rumor now. While we wait anxiously to learn more about his currently nonexistent tour, here's the video for "Where Are We Now?" to hold you over.

Report Confirms Amy Winehouse's Cause of Death
A second coroner's inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse confirms the singer died from accidental alcohol poisoning. The Associated Press quotes coroner Shirley Radcliffe as saying Winehouse "voluntarily consumed alcohol — a deliberate act that took an unexpected turn and led to her death." The singer, who was found dead in her London home on July 23, 2011, had a blood alcohol level five times the legal driving limit.

Elvis, David Bowie, and R. Kelly Share a Birthday
The late King of Rock and Roll would have turned 78 today, while the current king of R&B songs written from the confines of a closet celebrates his 45th birthday. Yes, Elvis Presley and R. Kelly share the same birthday, as does the aforementioned David Bowie. Wild, we know. While we were tempted to post all 33 chapters of Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet," we've instead chosen to share this sweet video of Elvis rockin' out live in 1968. Happy birthday y'all.
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