Britney Spears' Next Album Might Be Her Best Yet — Here's Why

(Getty Images)Britney Spears didn't give up all that X Factor money for nothing: She's at work on what may become her best album yet. Also in exciting music news, there's a new Pulp song on the way, Snoop might get sued for misappropriating Rasta culture, Justin Bieber "leaks" abound on the Interwebs, Michelle Williams is being kinda cagey about Destiny Child's Super Bowl plans, and more.

Britney: Ready to Conquer
Britney Spears' upcoming album is only in the early stages of production, but fans are already getting all worked up — and reasonably so. The singer has enlisted some very major songwriters and producers to help with her next effort, including Kanye West's pal Hit-Boy, best known for his work on "N***as in Paris."

"I'm bringing my world to her world, so I'm infusing what I do in hip-hop and bringing pop elements to it. So it's just going to be a global sound," he told MTV News this week, adding that Spears is "nice and cool."

But there are yet more reasons to get excited for Britney's next move. For example:

1. Britney's returned to tried-and-true collaborators.
Unfortunately, Britney wasn't able to properly promote her 2007 album Blackout, and the brilliance of some of its tracks was lost on the public as her personal struggles overshadowed her professional triumphs. That's why it's so exciting that Spears has re-enlisted Danja, the producer of "Gimme More" and "Break the Ice," to help her find her sound on the latest work.
In October, Spears tellingly tweeted, "I heard Happy Birthday Blackout was trending earlier... thank u all for loving the album as much as I do. Blackout 2.0?"

2. Britney's just gone through a breakup.

Britney recently called off her engagement to Jason Trawick, which, however painful, may provide inspiration for some very personal songs. While Spears is best known for singing songs that other people wrote, she is a rather capable songsmith herself: She co-penned her strongest-ever ballad, "Everytime," just after her very public breakup with Justin Timberlake. Maybe there will even be a song in which she addresses her serious lack of personal freedom. Dare to dream.

3. It's Britney, B**ch.

The past couple of years have been an odd time for devoted Britney fans, as the singer has remained remarkably distant in interviews (never live, always brief and usually edit-approved by the Spears team) and public appearances. But with the glimpses of attitude (and amazing range of facial expressions) Britney displayed during her stint on X Factor, it feels like she may actually be getting more comfortable with living her life in the public eye again. Once again, dare to dream.

Justin Bieber Is Leaking All Over the Place
It's just a few days until Justin Bieber releases Believe Acoustic, which he promises will deliver "all the answers," whatever that means (as we've previously stated, we just want to know why he Instagrammed his crack). Naturally, a couple of Bieber leaks hit the Web this week, and while one of them is obviously a fake (there is no way "Yellow Raincoat" is actually a Bieber song), another of them seems to address his recent breakup with Selena Gomez. Check out the song — and Bieber's reaction to all his bad press of late — right here.

We support Snoop Lion, if only because he's created opportunities for awesomeness like this. (via
Snoop Lion Is Alright with Rohan Marley
Earlier this week, it emerged that Bob Marley's bandmate Bunny Wailer is threatening to sue Snoop Lion (née Dogg) over his "outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community's personalities and symbolism." But Snoop's got a friend in Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley's many sons, who told TMZ, "Our father's name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop's reincarnation and welcomed the positivity."

Pulp + James Murphy = YESSSSS
The James Murphy-produced Pulp demo "After You," which was quietly released on the Web last month to immediate fanboy pants-peeing, will be available for download on iTunes starting on Monday. This doesn't necessarily mean there's a new album on the way. Just that you can pay money for Pulp things again.

Come On, Michelle
Michelle Williams will neither confirm nor deny rumors that she and Kelly Rowland will join Beyoncé Knowles onstage during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl in Atlanta next month.

"Unfortunately, I honestly can't say," Williams told MTV News when asked about the performance. "Just thinking about it gives me a headache. It seems quite impossible because of our own individual schedules. My opening night for 'Fela!' is January 29. I've been in rehearsals for that, so I haven't had time to think about learning anything else. But who knows? Maybe sometime in the future, five or 10 years from now, we'll see."

Uh huh.

Rocking the Tube
Letterman: Soundgarden
Leno: The Grascals
Fallon: Eli Young Band
Kimmel: Nicki Minaj

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