Twiggy Once Longed to Look Like Marilyn Monroe

British model Twiggy was proclaimed "The Face of '66" by the Daily Express.

Twiggy weighed 91 lbs at the start of her modeling career. Even iconic "it girls" have their complexes.

Twiggy, the wispy blonde who became the face of 1960s mod fashion, was not always happy with her stick-thin frame. The model - born Lesley Hornby in 1949 - weighed less than 100 lbs when she began her modeling career, but longed to be more of a '50s sweater girl.

"Whether you're thin, fat, small, dark, blond, redhead, you wanna be something else," Twiggy told the AP. "I wanted a fairy godmother to make me look like Marilyn Monroe. I had no boobs, no hips, and I wanted it desperately."

But it was Hornby's lack of curves that made one of fashion's brightest superstars, as she embodied the streamlined aesthetic of the times. But Twiggy, who says she was naturally slim during her modeling days, thinks the current trend towards welterweight models indicates irresponsibility on all levels in the modeling industry: "They ask for these [extremely young and thin] girls. It's gotta stop. I don't know how you go about it, so the debate goes on...The agencies have to protect these girls."

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