See The First Pic Of Superman And Lois Lane From The CW's 'Elseworlds' Crossover

Superman and Lois Lane are looking heroic in the first official photo of the iconic pairing.

Superman And Lois Lane Are Mighty Cosy In First Look From The CW's 'Elseworlds' Crossover
Tyler Hoechlin/Instagram

The latest Elseworlds promo teases the enviable relationship between Superman and Lois Lane (Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch), who will appear in the upcoming Arrow-verse crossover together for the first time.

Despite the details that have been released about Elseworlds — which will feature characters from The CW's Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash in a three-night event of iconic superheroes and villains — we still don't know much.

The photo, as you can see below, is a nod to Clark and Lois' long history. They've even created a Fortress of Solitude backdrop to accompany the shining white light outlining the two characters, who also just so happen to be my favorite comic book lovebirds.

First look! Superman and his better half, Miss Lois Lane.. Catch them on the crossover event this December! @bitsietulloch #supergirl #superman #loislane

468.5k Likes, 2,448 Comments - Tyler Hoechlin (@tylerhoechlin) on Instagram: "First look! Superman and his better half, Miss Lois Lane.. Catch them on the crossover event this..."

The poster was released Friday, November 9, and has already excited fans who can't wait to see what's in store for Superman — especially since we don't have a Superman figure in film or TV now that Henry Cavill has stepped down.

Here's what fans are saying on social media.

In addition to Hoechlin's Superman and Tulloch's Lois Lane, another relatively unfamiliar DC character will make her appearance in the Arrow-verse crossover. Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman (played by Orange Is the New Black's Ruby Rose), has been seen on set in costume. Will Clark and Kate have a backstory?

I'd like to see some sort of relationship between Clark and Kate, but more importantly, I'd love to see a relationship develop between Kara and Kate — one that rivals Clark and Bruce (Batman)'s iconic relationship.

It's unclear if the two know each other, how long Kate has been a vigilante, and how they will stop the threats Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl face.

Hoechlin took to social media to promote his role as Superman in the upcoming crossover, and from the teasers we've gotten, Clark is going to play an important role (even if we don't know quite what that is yet).

Clark Kent and his favorite people. @melissabenoist @bitsietulloch #supergirl #superman #loislane

523.9k Likes, 1,983 Comments - Tyler Hoechlin (@tylerhoechlin) on Instagram: "Clark Kent and his favorite people. @melissabenoist @bitsietulloch #supergirl #superman #loislane"

We do know, however, this is only one of the suits Hoechlin will wear when he portrays his character(s) in the crossover event. Photos of him on set in a black Superman outfit — which is notably related to the Death of Superman arcs in the DC comics — have been released, but their context is unclear.

While we've seen Superman on Supergirl a few times (including the time Kara defeated him when he was being controlled by Mon-El's evil mother), this is the first time Lois Lane will appear in the universe. She's been mentioned quite a few times by Kara, Cat Grant, and Lucy Lane — particularly in Season 1 of Supergirl. Lois is Cat Grant's arch-nemesis and they've always competed to be the superior female journalist (though the ages don't really add up, just saying), while Lucy could never live up to her perfect sister.

I'm hoping the show's writers have nailed down Lois' character, even though she'll only appear briefly during a packed crossover event. There's always potential for more... maybe even a Superman TV series set in the Arrow-verse (please!), and getting Lois' character wrong could derail the good work that's been done on the crossover.

Hoechlin clearly enjoys his work as Superman, so even if he only ends up returning to Supergirl on a regular basis, it would be a blessing to see him as the Man of Steel. 

Because Superman has existed for so much longer in Kara's universe, he's already been through so much — including many of the milestones we're required to watch over and over again because they're so crucial to Clark's upbringing. The battle with Lex is tired, and in this universe, we won't have to see it because Lex is already in prison.

There's so much to do with this incarnation of Superman, and they couldn't have chosen a better actor to play him.

Let's hope the casting choice for Lois was just as good. If Lois really has stood up to Cat Grant all of these years, we have to see that in her personality.

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