Tyler Thigpen Girlfriend (and Mom) Must Be Proud

Tyler Thigpen's girlfriend wasn't expecting him to play today.  Thigpen is the Miami Dolphin's third string QB and only recently joined the Miami squad this past Fall.  In fact, Tyler was probably just as surprised as other Dolphins fans when he was called on to finish today's game against Pittsburgh.  Thigpen played well, but came up short.

Tyler Thigpan played for the Miami Dolphins in the 4th quarter of today's game.
Thigpen was called in to replace Pat White after he got hit hard and pushed out of bounds by Steeler Ike Taylor.  White was removed on a stretcher.  No official announcements have been made yet about White's condition.

Tyler Thigpen led the Dolphins in several impressive plays.  He was successful with a 61-yard touchdown drive on his first possession.  He later threw a 34-yard touchdown pass to Davone Bess.  However, in the end, he gave up a very costly interception and couldn't finish the bid for a win.  Still, Thigpen proved himself a promising addition to the Miami team.

  Is Tyler Thigpen dating Holly Starr?

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