Pictures of Politicians Hugging

There there, it's going to be alright. For all the mud slinging that happens in politics, it's important to see them embracing the lighter side of the job. And each other.

Let the heeling begin.

"I love you, John. I love YOU, John. We'll always have California."
John Kerry and John Edwards share an embrace after realizing their defeat to the most feeble president the United States has ever seen.

"Thank you American White Devil Dirty Kifar. Your war of terror is going so well for my country. Please to suck it.

Hugging and politics isn't an entirely new concept. George Bush Senior, Prince of Darkness,  was himself a huge fan of the "Paw and Pat" hugging technique, seen here.

In some countries, they don't have politicians. So they have to hug posts. We should send them all our politicians to hug. And keep. Forever.

This is former President Bill Clinton hugging Monica Lewinsky. It's known as "The Hug Heard Round the World." Uncomfortably long and uncomfortably public. Busted!

Uh, yeah. This is probably the creepiest thing on the Internet. Sorry.

Hahaha! The wrinkled mummy loves George Bush. The Mummy's eyes are closed because it's thinking of how much it loves to hug people.

This is what happens when hugging parties get out of control. It's not pretty. Hug responsibly!

If you don't like to hug Hillary , then you are a sexist and the terrorist have won.

Obama will hug the living crap out of you and you will FEEL the love, goddamnit. You could ask Ben Affleck but he died shortly after this photo was taken. Be careful.

The Obamas are so cool, they can fucking hug BACKWARDS! Booya!

Vice President Dick Cheney isn't a big hugger, but when he does hug, he hugs Arabs and he hugs them until they get boners. Hahaha!!!

This is George Bush pretending to be a retarded boy. Not funny. I'm offended.

Condy gets her groove back, one hug at a time. Internationally, too!

No Country for Old Men Hugging. Put the mic down. And fuck off.
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