Victoria Beckham's Pregnancy Craving: Marmalade!

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Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child with husband David Beckham, and she's developed serious cravings for marmalade, accompanied by cups of English breakfast tea.A source told The Sun newspaper: “Victoria is having a lot of tea and toast with lashings of marmalade. She can’t get enough of the stuff.“Mostly she’s been having it on toast, accompanied by lots of cups of tea.”The 36-year-old star suffered from bad morning sickness whilst pregnant with her first three children...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham Pregnant, Gordon Ramsay To Be Godfather

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David Beckham was reportedly stunned when his fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham planned a romantic meal at home to break her good news -- that she's expecting the couple's fourth child. A source said: “She started a conversation about their future as a family and whether it should be in the UK or US.“But when he said they have three children to think about, she smiled and said ‘four.’ David just beamed at her and welled up. He’s an emotional guy and it was very overwhelming for him.“He...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham Opens up About Undergoing Therapy

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Victoria Beckham says that she has turned to therapy in the past, seeking to help her resolve issues with anger and trust.The fashion designer -- whose 11-year-marriage to soccer player David Beckham has been marred by unsubstantiated claims of infidelity -- trusts her spouse completely but feels she needs some help turning her anger into something positive.When asked whether she has ever turned to therapy, she said: "Haven't most people at some time or other? I don't know if I'm balanced or...Read Full Story

The Beckham Boys Enrolling in English Private School

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David and Victoria Beckham have decided to enter their three sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and five-year-old Cruz into classes at a school near their home in England. The family are leaving their Los Angeles pad for three months so that Victoria can prepare for London Fashion Week in February -- before David’s potential loan deal to English team Tottenham Hotspur.The school fees will cost the couple anything from $4,600 to over $7,800 a term, and the three boys are set to arrive tomorrow.A...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham Says Her Husband Looks Like 'Crap' in the Mornings

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They may be one of the most beautiful couples in the world, but Victoria Beckham says her husband still has his not-so-hot moments. For instance? In the morning.The former Spice Girls sing-turned-fashion designer admits she felt relieved when she caught a glimpse of her soccer star spouse David Beckham looking less-than-perfect just after he woke up.She told the new issue of Britain’s Vogue magazine: "The other morning I looked across at David just after he'd woken up and thought you look...Read Full Story

David and Victoria Beckham Moving to New York

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The superstar couple currently live in Los Angeles – where David plays soccer for Los Angeles Galaxy – but also have homes in their native London and the South of France and are now set to buy a luxurious Manhattan home so Victoria can have an office in the world's most fashionable city. Victoria reportedly told a friend: “My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city.” A source added to Now magazine: “Her friendship group in LA has disbanded and David was travelling a...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham's Christmas Gift to David: Gold Headphones

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Victoria and David Beckham reportedly picked out luxury gifts for one another during a recent shopping spree at London’s Harrods department store. The result? She selected a white crystal iPad cover costing $1,200, and while he wanted $2,300 gold-plated headphones. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “David and Victoria like to do things in style so these presents are perfect for them.“They already have everything money can buy so wanted to indulge in something a bit different this...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham Organizes a Girls' Night Out for Eva Longoria

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Victoria Beckham is reportedly devastated for her close pal Eva Longoria after the Desperate Housewives star announced her separation from husband Tony Parker last week.Victoria is said to be determined to bring a smile back to Eva’s face and is organizing a girls-only night out for her.A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Victoria has rounded all the girl troops in their inner clique so they can have some girly time and relax. Posh has given her some sexy VB dresses to cheer her up and...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham Wants to Be a Role Model for Her Boys

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Victoria Beckham has three sons with her soccer player spouse David Beckham, and she thinks kids learn the value of having a career by seeing their parents go out to work.She said: “I think it’s a very important message to give to children, that both myself and David work.“My middle one, Romeo, he absolutely loves fashion. And the other two, they know what I do.”The 36-year-old star also plans to open a shop to display her clothes in the future, but is unsure where she would like it to be.She...Read Full Story

Victoria Beckham on David Beckham: 'We're Soul Mates'

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Victoria Beckham has been married to soccer stud David Beckham for 11 years, and she knows she's lucky to have found the right man.She said: “We’re soul mates. We’re so lucky to have each other. We love each other.“You go into marriage knowing there are going to be ups and downs. We’re in the public eye so we have more to deal with than most. We accepted that years ago. It’s just about us and the family.”The couple -- who now live in Los Angeles with their children Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight...Read Full Story