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Jury Finds Victoria Osteen Not Guilty of Hemorrhoid Infliction

By Alicia Dennis on
A flight attendant's attempt to cash out on a nasty case of hemorrhoids proved unsuccessful today.  Continental Airlines flight attendant Sharon Brown claimed that the mental and physical damages she supposedly suffered at the hands of Victoria Osteen were worth at least $405,000.Sharon Brown swears on oath that she has hemorrhoids.  Linked from chron.comBrown claimed that Osteen had flipped out in her first-class seat when Brown was not quick to clean up a spill on her armrest.  According to...Read Full Story

Joel and Victoria Osteen try to inspire change and recovery

By Staff Account on
"I hope you realize that God is smiling down on you now," Victoria and Joel Osteen told the crowd during "An Evening with Joel Osteen". "This could be the day that everything changes," Joel said.Joel and his wife Victoria have become TV personalities as they preach and speak in public forums. We expect to see more and more of the Osteens in 2008.Read Full Story