Did Disney's 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century' Accurately Predict the Future?


Of all the Disney Channel Original Movies that came out in 1999 — like Johnny Tsunami, Smart House, and The Thirteenth Year — perhaps none was as random and wildly entertaining as Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

The film, based on a children's sci-fi series, told the story of Zenon Kar (played by General Hospital actress Kristen Storms), an outgoing 13-year-old girl who lives in the year 2049 with her parents on an orbiting space station. After getting into trouble, she's grounded to earth where she discovers a plot masterminded by a top investor to crash all of the station's computers and put everyone on board in danger. Zenon ultimately saves her fellow space dwellers with the help of a Billy Idol-like rock star (remember, we are talking about a Disney movie here). 

But just because it was a Disney Channel movie about space teens doesn't mean Zenon was surprisingly accurate about life in the 21st century. Sure, we certainly don't live on yo-yo-esque space stations, spend afternoons floating around in space suits, and use strange medical condition-sounding phrases like "zetus lupetus!" to express our extreme joy. Fifteen years after the film's release, perhaps we're heading toward that.

1. In 2049, Zenon and her pal Nebula (played by the adorable Raven-Symoné) wore colorful outfits like this: 

Today, designer Yohji Yamamoto is taking us one step closer to that look. Below, the new line he showed at this year's Paris Fashion Week: 

2. Also, Miley Cyrus must have gotten hair inspiration from Zenon. Her two-bun look is so in right now. 

3. Zenon's average school day looked like this...

...As they actually do today for some kids:

4. In Zenon, spike-haired rock idols by the name of Proto Zoa treated teenyboppers to concerts in space: 

Miley Cyrus does, too. Well, except for the whole "in space" thing... It's only a matter of time. 

5. Also, Zenon and Nebula's reactions to pop stars are sort of in line with what they are today:

(especially if you're a One Direction fan.)

5. Now, all that's needed for the Zenon-ification to be complete are musical stylings like this. Miley, clearly we're looking to you. 

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