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We don't pretend to know what goes on behind Netflix's doors. As far as we can tell, subscribers watch what they like, and the great algorithm in the sky proceeds to inform Netflix what content needs producing. No matter how it goes down at streaming town, we're thankful. We're thankful the almighty algorithm has deemed romantic comedies worthy recipients of Netflix's $8 billion content strategy.

Netflix is working hard to resurrect the once over-saturated genre. And, on more than one occasion, the streaming juggernaut has knocked it out of the park, contributing wholesome, easily-lovable films to yesteryear's long list of iconic romantic comedies. However, for every Netflix original rom-com which takes local Twitter by storm, there is a less-hyped, objectively cringe-worthy foil. It's likely you've never even heard of some of these films, as they lay buried at the bottom of Netflix's sea of available content.