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There are dozens of Marvel movie villains at this point. Churning out two to three movies a year, as Marvel Studios has done since 2000, will do that. However, not every villain will appear on this list. We've taken the top 50 and ranked them to determine who's number one. Sorry, Ghost Rider villains and John Travolta in The Punisher. You didn't make it.

What determines a great villain? The answer is obviously subjective, but we think everyone can agree a worthwhile bad guy must pose a threat equal to or greater than the hero — he's gotta put up a good fight. Great villains are also charismatic, sympathetic, funny, and totally unpredictable. A true antagonist doesn't just fight the hero with brawn, he fights him with brains too.

So that's where we'll begin. Counting down in reverse, these are the top 50 Marvel movie villains canon and non-canon (outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe).