Burger King's Halloween Black Whopper Is Apparently Causing Green Poop

Green is the new black?

Burger King's Halloween Black Whopper Is Apparently Causing Green Poop
Burger King

As if eating a black bun wasn't horrifying enough, Burger King's highly-publicized Halloween Whopper is apparently causing a fright to customers' digestive systems. 

Multiple Twitter accounts are claiming that the A1 sauce-infused concoction is resulting in a colorful, albeit Halloween thematic bowel movement. 

It's no surprise that fast food can have adverse effects on your intestines, but we wanted to dig deeper for a more scientific explanation. 

Kelly R from EveryDayHealth.com is not a health professional, but as a sufferer of Crohn's disease, her knowledge of green poop seems pretty legit. (It's also the most cited green poop article on Google.)

Here's what she had to say: 

I have had a lot of trouble with green poop this year. Sometimes it is even a bright shade of green. Apparently, bile is green and when the poop goes into the large intestines, that is where it turns brown. When the poop goes through the intestines too fast, it has no time to turn brown, so it comes out green. My doctor has assured me that I shouldn’t worry about this. Also, poop can be green due to eating a lot of green leafy vegetables. Iron supplements can also make your poop green. I don’t worry about this color of poop anymore. But if the smell changes or there is blood, then tell your doctor.

Makes sense to us, though the "green leafy vegetables" bit obviously does not apply to this cholesterol-laced situation. 

For those who are interested in witnessing the green poop firsthand (WHY?), you can purchase the burger until October 31 or search the hashtag #GreenPoop on social media (Again, WHY?). 

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