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What The Actors From Your Favorite Survival Movies Endured For Their Intense Roles

5. Christian Bale In 'Rescue Dawn'
If any actor is known for jaw-dropping film transformations, it's Christian Bale. His role in The Machinist is routinely cited on lists of actors who went to physical extremes for films. While Bale's preparation for Rescue Dawn wasn't nearly as intense as The Machinist, the actor still had to shed a considerable amount of weight – he was playing a POW, after all. The Oscar-winner also had to shoot graphic torture scenes, one of which involved him hanging upside down while tied to an ants nest.

"There was one slight misunderstanding at one point with one of the guards where he started spinning me," Bale told Movieweb in 2007. "I was getting pretty dizzy and the blood rushing to my head and these ants crawling on me. Then Werner kind of went off. He went crazy spinning me. I couldn't stand up for about half an hour after that."