10 Game Show Contestants Who Failed So Hard They Won

You had one job.

Many argue that in life, there are no losers. We beg to differ. 

Nothing makes you want to throw your television across the room more than a dumb game show contestant. They get the opportunity of a lifetime to win free money, vacations, and prizes, all while you get to sit on your couch paying bills and eating Ramen after a long day at work. But we're not bitter or anything. 

Check out ten of the most cringeworthy moments on television below. What these humans lack in intelligence, they make up for in virality. And that, my friends, is the modern example of winning.  

1. This guy who clearly didn't eat ABC CEREAL as a kid. 

The University of Indiana called. They'd like your acceptance letter back. 

2. This woman who won't be invited to any future family reunions.

We're sure her stomach "threw up" backstage. 

3. This guy who's never played six straight hours of The Sims and lost his game during a thunderstorm. 

He may want to start investing in the basic human function called sleep. 

4. This girl who clearly has other things on her mind.

Like becoming a veterinarian. What were you thinking?! 

5. This guy who probably has his accountant do his taxes. 

Maybe he's used to really expensive things. If that's the case, we'd like to be friends with him.

6. This dude who never listened to his mother as a kid.

Always remember the month of November. 

7. This lady who failed the math portion of her SATs.

In the game of life, Margaret should be picked last for everything. 

8. This couple that shouldn't procreate. 

Because their kids are guaranteed to live for over ten decades. Anyone else getting a vampire vibe?

9. These contestants who would trust Gilbert Gottfried with their first borns. 

In this situation, nobody wins.

10. This guy who paid homage to his friend Kentucky Fried Chicken.

His other friend, Popeye's, was none too thrilled. 

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