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Thora Birch as Dani
Thora Birch was 11 when Hocus Pocus hit theaters a year after her breakout role as Sally Ryan in Patriot Games. She transitioned into adult fare with 1999's American Beauty and 2001's Ghost World, and continues to work in smaller movies such as the 2012 indie family drama Petunia. While she continues to work, her career in prestige drama seems to have come to an end, and some blame her father, Jack Birch, who is also her agent. In 2007 he made the crew of Winter of Frozen Dreams very uncomfortable when he insisted on being on set while they filmed Thora's sex scenes. Then in 2010 Thora was fired from an off-Broadway production of Dracula after her father allegedly threatened one of her fellow actors, telling him not to touch her.