'White People Stole My Car' Meme

Try the search 'White people stole my car" into Google, and you may get a strange suggestion. It seems that many people received emails about the Google search term 'White People Stole My Car'.  Here's how the story goes.  When you type into the search box on Google, the search engine automatically suggests queries similar to the one you're typing.  This feature is called Google Suggest and it is designed to save you some typing.  For example, if you type 'New Yo' into the search box, it will fill in and suggest 'New York', 'New York City', 'New York University', etc.

According to the 'White People Stole My Car' meme, if you type this phrase into Google, Google suggests 'Black People Stole My Car'.  Of course this is no longer the case.  Is GoogleBot a racist?  Is Google just algorithmically identifying racism in the population's search patterns and then exposing it through Google Suggest?  Is this whole story just a farce?  Did someone really steal my car?

Internet memes are catchphrases or concepts that spreads very quickly from one person to many on the Internet.  Memes are a geeky version of inside jokes.  Other popular memes of the past included "Leeroy Jenkins" or the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe rip-off.
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