Wolf Blitzer REALLY Sucks at 'Jeopardy'

(Getty Images | Inset from 'Jeopardy')

In a performance better suited to a Saturday Night Live sketch, Wolf Blitzer was completely dominated by Andy Richter on Celebrity Jeopardy on Thursday's show.

Wolf is not happy about that score. (From 'Jeopardy')
Andy Richter won the day with a tidy $68,000 while Wolf just keeps embarrassing himself. I don't want to give it all away, because you should definintely watch the video. But some of Wolf's responses are just jaw-droppingly bad. It wouldn't be so hilarious except Wolf is clearly pissed off and when Alex Trebek takes $800 off his scoreboard for saying "Julia Childs" instead of "Julia Child," Wolf looks like he's ready to throw down.

And when he's clearly flustered and spitting out answers that are clearly absurd, does he stop? No, he just keeps going. He was no match for a house plant, or even the nearly-silent third contestant Dana Delaney. But here's to Richter. The new Tonight show co-host showed that funny and smart can go hand-in-hand.

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