Let’s Fan Cast the 'X-Men' Series with All Our Favorite TV People

By Hayley Igarashi on
Is the show a good idea? It might be if these folks star in it. Read Full Story

10 Reasons Why 'Chuck' Needs to Save the World Again

By Hayley Igarashi on
(NBC)Once upon a time, there was an underachieving nerd with a CIA computer in his brain. His name was Chuck Bartowski, and we, the people who ate Subway sandwiches in his honor, want him back. It's been two years since NBC's quirky little cult show Chuck signed off and Chuck and Sarah sailed off into the sunset (more on that later). In the old days, fans had to resign themselves to never seeing their beloved characters take on more adventures, but it's a new era. If Firefly and Veronica Mars...Read Full Story

'Dexter' Recap: Up Goes the Body Count

By Shaunna Murphy on
(Photo: Showtime)Oh, Cassie. You poor, sweet, beautiful thing. Didn’t anyone tell you that the number one rule in the Dexter-verse is to never be young, kind, pretty, and in Dexter’s immediate vicinity? It didn’t work out for Rita, and we knew from day one that it would never work out for you. It would certainly appear that Zach Hamilton — Dexter’s shaky at best protégé — bludgeoned Cassie to death after his mentor’s neglect made him restless. As Dr. Vogel pointed out, Dexter may have studied...Read Full Story