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Zach Braff 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Virtuosos Award
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Zach Braff Preview Of Rock of Ages Hollywood At The Bourbon Room
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Zach Braff "Little Women" World Premiere
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#TBT Recap: The Best Celebrity Throwback Photos of the Week — September 26, 2014

By Deena Bustillo on
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WATCH: Zach Braff Grows Up in 'Wish I Was Here'

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) Kickstarter-funded endeavors have been all the rage lately. Earlier this year, Rob Thomas successfully crowdsourced funds for a new Veronica Mars film. Gillian Robespierre also raised money from the site to finish production of her Sundance smash hit Obvious Child. In May, Zach Braff obtained $3.1 million from roughly 46,500 supporters and fans for his sophomore directorial effort. The result: Wish I Was Here, a quasi-autobiographical follow-up to his 2004 cult classic Garden State...Read Full Story

Weekend Watch: It's Weird, but Jason Segel is a Leading Man

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How Much 'Garden State' Carryover Is in the Trailer for Zach Braff's New Movie 'Wish I Was Here'?

By Darrick Thomas on
Thanks to some necessary(?) crowdfunding, Zach Braff is finally back behind (and in front of) the camera, a decade after making his directorial debut with Garden State. His new film Wish I Was Here follows a struggling actor/single father who starts home schooling his two kids when his dad can no longer afford to pay for their private school education and the only available public school is on the verge of collapse. The first teaser (above) for Wish I Was Here — co-starring Kate Hudson, Mandy...Read Full Story

WATCH: Zach Braff Gets Creative to Help Some Guy Propose to His Girlfriend

By Lani Conway on
Proposals are supposed to be memorable occasions, so why not go all out, right? One guy named Matt definitely wanted to do more then the average "get down on bended knee" thing when he enlisted actor Zach Braff to help him get his lovely girlfriend Janice to say "I do." In the proposal video Braff leads a cheeky introduction, which is followed by old ladies, fluffy rabbits, energetic people jumping out of vans, cute babies, and locals from around the globe holding up signs suggesting the GF...Read Full Story