Margot Robbie and Jared Leto Might Be Playing Harley Quinn and the Joker in 'Suicide Squad'

This is the one where you'll be rooting for the bad guys.

Getty Images | DC Comics

Suicide Squad is shaping up to be one of the more interesting movies on Warner Bros. slate of quickly-developing DC Cinematic Universe movies. Just a few weeks after we found out Suicide Squad would directly follow Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we're seeing a lot of casting news and rumors around the project. The latest word is that The Wolf of Wall Street's Margot Robbie and Jared Leto may be playing Harley Quinn and the Joker.

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The Harley Quinn news comes from Collider, which claims to have heard the info from sources close to the picture. Meanwhile The Wrap picked up the casting news on the Joker.

For those unfamiliar, Suicide Squad is a comic book where DC's villains are given various opportunities to redeem themselves by taking on so-called suicide missions for the government. Word is Tom Hardy and Will Smith are both in talks to join the movie, and that Jesse Eisenberg will reprise his role as Lex Luthor after first playing the famous baddie in Batman v Superman.

While Suicide Squad has been around for decades, Harley Quinn has been a staple of later incarnations, and it's almost impossible to bring her into the DCU without introducing the Joker. In the comics she started out as an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who tried to treat the Joker. For her trouble, the doctor had her mind twisted around so she fell in love with the Joker and turned into one of the DC Universe's most scantily-clad and violent characters. (And that's saying something on both counts.)

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