Here's What 'Batman v Superman' Looked Like Before and After Visual Effects

You might be surprised what was and wasn't real.

Warner Bros. | MPC

We all knew the visual effects team behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did some seriously heavy lifting. But this series of before-and-after photos from the film show just how heavy that lifting was.

Among the photos, released by the visual effects wizards at MPC, we see plenty of the usual green screen, but it's fascinating to see which details were computer generated, and which were practical.

For instance, watching the movie, you might think Ben Affleck actually suited up in that tough-looking metal suit to fight Superman. But that suit was totally digital during the big fight and required a stand-in motion capture actor. Also, in one shot of the rooftop with the Bat Signal, we see the rain and light were all created digitally over a helicopter shot of a dry roof in the evening.

The MPC visual effects team is also working on the impressive-looking live action Jungle Book, and its very deep resumé includes The Martian and Cinderella.

Check out the slider photos below to see what they added to the film.

1. Batman Waits for Superman

2. "I Thought She Was With You."

3. At Batman's Mercy

4. The Real Batsuit

5. What Henry Cavill Really Had to Fight

6. Fighting Doomsday

7. A Rainy Rooftop

8. A Closer Look at That Rainy Rooftop

9. The Bat Signal

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