Is Zendaya Coleman the New Mary Jane Watson?

Word is she'll be playing the classic Spidey love interest in next year's 'Homecoming'!

Is Zendaya Coleman the New Mary Jane Watson?
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Next summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming is quickly becoming one of the most-anticipated movies of 2017, with Tom Holland reprising his role as the titular web-slinger. And now it appears we know who co-star Zendaya Coleman will be playing, and it's kind of a big deal.

The former Disney star will be playing Mary Jane Watson according to a new report from The Wrap. This could be a huge step in solidifying Zendaya's burgeoning stardom. Of course, anyone who's been paying attention knows she has charisma to spare. Thus far she's been credited on IMDb as "Michelle" in the upcoming movie, but superhero films have been known to use fake names to mislead fans in the past. The footage of the movie Marvel screened at Comic-Con showed Peter Parker longing after Zendaya's character, but if she's really Mary Jane, they kept that bit of information carefully hidden.

What was revealed in that Comic-Con footage was the overall tone of the film, and it feels more like a high school teen movie than any other incarnation of Spider-Man. It doesn't feel like an accident that Tony Revolori is in this after appearing in last year's sleeper hit Dope because that's the kind of high school tone we're talking about this time around. Most importantly that means there'll be plenty of opportunities for Peter Parker to crack wise this time around.

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