Who's the Greatest Young Adult Heroine? The Finals

It's down to Katniss and Hermione and only one can win!


After nearly two weeks of voting it all comes down to this. Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger are the final contenders in our YA Heroine Bracket, and as much as everyone loves them both, only one can emerge victorious. Both have glided into the Finals with overwhelming margins of victory, and both are huge stars in the YA genre, but who will you vote for? The girl from District 12 or the girl from Hogwarts? It's time to decide this once and for all! Vote Here.

Rafael Hidalgo / Zimbio


Round 1: Monday, Nov. 10th (10am PST) - Thursday, Nov. 13th (9pm PST)

Round 2: Friday, Nov. 14th (10am PST) - Sunday, Nov. 16th (9pm PST)

Round 3: Monday, Nov. 17th (10am PST) - Tuesday, Nov. 18th (9pm PST)

Round 4: Wednesday, Nov. 19th (10am PST) - Wednesday, Nov. 19th (9pm PST)

Round 5: Thursday, Nov. 20th (10am PST) - Friday, Nov. 21st (9am PST)

Winner Announced: Friday, Nov. 21st

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