Who's the Greatest Young Adult Heroine?

We've put together a 32-slot bracket to find out.


Who's the greatest Young Adult heroine of all time? Is it Katniss Everdeen with her survivor instinct and lethal combat skill? Is it Scout Finch with indomitable spirit of adventure and pursuit of righteousness? Or one of your many other favorites? With the third Hunger Games movie opening next week, we decided to put the questions to our readers. We've picked 32 of the most popular YA heroines and put them in a 5-round tournament-style bracket and left it to you to pick a winner!



Bracket Schedule

Round 1: Monday, Nov. 10th (10am PST) - Thursday, Nov. 13th (9pm PST)

Round 2: Friday, Nov. 14th (10am PST) - Sunday, Nov. 16th (9pm PST)

Round 3: Monday, Nov. 17th (10am PST) - Tuesday, Nov. 18th (9pm PST)

Round 4: Wednesday, Nov. 19th (10am PST) - Wednesday, Nov. 19th (9pm PST)

Round 5: Thursday, Nov. 20th (10am PST) - Friday, Nov. 21st (9am PST)

Winner Announced: Friday, Nov. 21st

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