Karmin Talks Beauty Rituals, Wedding Planning, and the New Single, 'Acapella'

(Courtesy Photo)Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan are having a whirlwind summer. Just last week the duo kicked off a summer tour with the Jonas Brothers and announced plans to release their debut album, Pulses, this fall. They also partnered with Tone Body Wash for the brand's Turn It Up! series, which gives fans behind-the-scenes access to their new music. And when they have a spare minute, they're trying to figure out when they can actually get hitched. More on that in the interview below!

Zimbio: Tell me a bit about why you've partnered with Tone Body Wash. What is it specifically about this brand that you love?
Nick: Tone was already in our shower, so the partnership was a no brainer! We love that they have the Turn it Up! series, which supports our tour with the Jonas Brothers and gives our fans behind the scenes access. You can even win amazing prizes, like backstage passes, by visiting the Tone Facebook page.

Life on the road can be pretty brutal. Which other products do you swear by when you're on tour? What's your pre-show get ready ritual like?
Amy: I swear by dry shampoo, red lipstick and a really great set of false eyelashes! Oh, also blotting paper for skin to keep oil at a minimum since we do a lot of outdoor shows. Pre-show ritual? Vocal warm ups and sprucing up my hair.

Amy, you recently revamped your hair — was it hard for you to let go of your vintage-inspired look?
Amy: It was a little scary chopping off my hair and bleaching what was left! It took a long time and I was in the chair for hours, but in the end it was worth it. I love not spending a lot of time on my hair. And, you get to change up your wardrobe and makeup colors when you change your hair, which always adds a new layer of fun.

What goes through your head when you're picking out your tour wardrobe? Do you have a favorite item to wear on the stage?
Amy: Very timely! We just finished packing and getting ready for tour. I always make sure to bring stuff to mix and match. My favorite shoes to wear on stage are combat boots (since they are much easier to jump around in then heels) and then to wear, it would be harem pants, high waisted shorts and crop tops.

Congratulations on releasing your new single "Acapella!" What excites you most about it?
Nick: Thank you! It’s available on iTunes right now, which is really cool. Acapella has definitely been one of our favorite songs to record. We went left of center and 90% of the track is recorded with just our vocals. We tweaked the sounds slightly to make them sound like drums or a bass line. It was a lot of fun to record.

What can you tell me about the music video?
Amy: It’s coming out very soon. The video itself is fun, monochromatic and pays homage to 90s music videos with force perspective hallways, lighting and a sweet car. We also have dancing which is new for Karmin.

Covers were a big part of your early success. Have you heard anyone else's covers that have really impressed you lately?
Nick: We have! There have been a couple of covers of Acapella that we thought were pretty cool, including a soul version and two little kids who were really cute.
Amy: We love searching for new ones and tweeting them out on our Twitter page.

Congratulations also on your engagement! Do you actually have any time to do wedding planning this summer?
Nick: Thank you! We have been talking about it a lot more recently. We already tried to make plans twice and they fell through. We are trying to just feel it out right now. It’s our New Year’s resolution to get married in 2013, so it’s definitely on our minds and we are definitely talking about it, but as far as set in stone plans, not really yet.

Below, check out the music video for "Acapella," and be sure to check out the Tone Facebook page to learn how you and a friend can win a free trip to meet Karmin in Los Angeles!

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