Comedienne Heather McDonald Talks 'All About Sex'

The 'Chelsea Lately' funny lady gives us the scoop on her new TLC talk show, bedroom spontaneity, and life as a married mother.

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Let's talk dirty.

You may recognize Heather McDonald as the brazen and quick-witted comedienne from Chelsea Lately, but her sights are now set on the bedroom and beyond in TLC's late-night talk series, All About Sex. 

Joining Margaret Cho, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, McDonald and the gals gather weekly to discuss everything and anything about the act of making love. No topic is off limits, which makes the gig a perfect fit for the candid mother of three. 

Check out our colorful interview with McDonald below, as well as an exclusive sneak peek from Saturday night's episode of All About Sex

Warning: This is not to be read out loud with grandma. If you are offended by choice words and discussions about S-E-X, proceed at your own risk. 

Zimbio: What's one of your favorite things about being on this type of show?

Heather McDonald: I like the questions. One of the questions that someone asked was "I've been sleeping with this guy, but we're not really boyfriend and girlfriend. How do I approach the fact that we're exclusive?" So, of course Margaret and Dr. Tiff were like "just be honest. Just lay it out there." I don't necessarily agree that everybody needs to be fucking full disclosure when it comes to dating life. I think there has to be a little mystery to you. If I were [her], I would say to him "hey, this is kind of a weird conversation to have, but I got asked out to dinner for a date and I just don't want to be shady and I don't want to hurt your feelings if you see me out with somebody else, and I just want to be upfront. How do you feel about it? Would you care if I went on a date? Are you dating someone?" There's that competitive nature in every guy's DNA. They're just born that way. Make yourself a bit of a get. You have to play the game. 

Z: How does it feel to be married and on a panel like this? 

HM: One of the reasons why I've stayed married is because I don't want to be out there competing with the sluts today. Those girls really have to get dirty. They have to sext a picture of their vagina within minutes of meeting somebody because if you don't, somebody else will. People would be pretty disappointed in my bread and butter boning ways.

Z: What have you learned about yourself? 

HM: A lot of the talk is about roleplaying and 50 Shades of Grey. The other day my husband and I were sitting and watching the show. He's laying in the bed, cuddly, not sexy, in sweats. Margaret goes "Heather, you've been married for a long time and you have a very sexy, passionate relationship." We were laughing and he's like "God, I think we better do it." So we had a moment the next day and we said "what if we both wear ski masks?" To straight up be like "we're blind, we can't open our eyes" and role play...I've learned that it's fun! 

Z: There is definitely a major clinical and scientific element to the show. What is the most interesting thing you have learned about sex?

HM: When we were looking at the sex toys, Dr. Tiff said the nerve endings in your clitoris are very similar to the nerve endings on the tip of your nose. 

Every girl is a sex expert. No offense to guys, but I feel like every woman feels like they can tell a story or give advice.

–Heather McDonald

Z: What has been the funniest moment on the show, thus far?

HM: There are so many. What's really funny is when we make Tiffanie laugh. She's one of those girls who cries immediately and we laugh so much in between takes. It was also really funny when Marissa showed a picture of her friend who had a Popeye arm from giving a hand job too often. Her 20-something friend was whacking off her boyfriend and she took a picture of it, sent it, and it was swollen. They put it up on the show. It's seriously called a wanker arm and it's a real thing. 

Z: When we think "sex show," we can't help but think about Talk Sex with Sue Johanson. Did you watch her or has she reached out to you? 

HM: I don't know what happened to her. I think people also remember Dr. Ruth and Loveline. I still listen to Loveline. The show's kind of like that, but with a lot more humor. I think with most girls, when you sit down with your friends, you get several opinions and advice. It's a lot like that. Every girl is a sex expert. No offense to guys, but I feel like every woman feels like they can tell a story or give advice. 

Z: You have a stepdaughter and two young boys. Do they know about the show? What are their reactions? 

HM: They know the show. If I have to go to work, my nine year-old's like "what, to your sex job?" My oldest son would never make me feel badly about working. This job takes a lot less time than Chelsea Lately, but if I have to go to work, my youngest son gets on the phone and says "All you do is talk about sex. That's your job." They think it's funny, but with stand-up and everything else, I say "your dad's been really great about me talking about him and that's what I write about in the book. And I write about you guys. Some people make their kids wake up at five in the morning to milk the cows and they own a farm. My business is that I'm going to talk about you guys." I definitely don't let them watch the sex show and I never really let them watch Chelsea unless it was a funny sketch -- the panel was too mature.

Hosts Margaret Cho, Heather McDonald, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, and Marissa Jaret Winokur get funky on TLC's All About Sex.
Hosts Margaret Cho, Heather McDonald, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, and Marissa Jaret Winokur get funky on TLC's All About Sex.

Z: It seems like there's still a stigma around women openly talking about sex, but the show is helping to defeat that. What are your thoughts on this?  

HM: When I was on Kathy Lee and Hoda, Kathy said "I never have these types of conversations with my friends" and I was like "we all have." I remember one time my friends and I were drinking wine and we were showing each other sex positions on the floor and talking about how your body looks bad or good when you're fucking. We were, like, on top of each other and going "if i do this, do you see this section of fat or no?" I think maybe it's a little generational. There really isn't anything I wouldn't share. 

Z: Lastly, what has been the most shocking moment from the show?

HM: When Margaret Cho said she went to a party and had sex with 17 people. I was like "I don't even have dinner parties with 17 people. I don't even know how that works." 

TLC's All About Sex airs Saturdays at 11/10c. Heather McDonald's stand-up DVD "I Don't Mean to Brag..." is available through select online retailers. 

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