'Girl Meets World' Star Corey Fogelmanis Talks the 'Bittersweet' End of the Series and the Loyal 'Boy Meets World' Fans Who Made It All Possible

We caught up with Fogelmanis to see what's next for the actor as he says goodbye to Farkle.

'Girl Meets World' Star Corey Fogelmanis Talks the 'Bittersweet' End of the Series and the Loyal 'Boy Meets World' Fans Who Made It All Possible

Girl Meets World has reached its end, but the Disney Channel series has gifted fans with much more than a dose of Boy Meets World nostalgia. While the show's untimely cancellation has hit viewers hard, we've also been reunited with great faces of "worlds" past and introduced to some fabulous new ones who won't soon be forgotten.

One such actor is 17-year-old Corey Fogelmanis, who plays boy genius Farkle Minkus on the show. Zimbio chatted with Fogelmanis Thursday, Jan. 19, the night before the series finale.

'Girl Meets World' Star Corey Fogelmanis Talks the 'Bittersweet' End of the Series and the Loyal 'Boy Meets World' Fans Who Made It All Possible

Zimbio: So, Girl Meets World is over.

Corey: It is.

Zimbio: What does that mean for you?

Corey: I guess you could say it's the end of an era. It's a little bittersweet. It's been nice to look back on everything. I'm very excited to work on other things and I'm grateful for this opportunity.

Zimbio: Of course. 

Corey: It's been almost four years since the pilot.

Zimbio: So then you would've been how old?

Corey: I was 13 when we shot the pilot in March of 2013. Originally when I signed on to the show I was just a guest star. So I came on a couple weeks before we started shooting, and originally it was just the pilot for me. At that point I didn't have any expectations, but once we got picked up, [series creator] Michael Jacobs wanted me back, so I came back and I did every episode as a recurring character in Season 1 and then in Season 2 I was bumped up to series regular. I was just excited to work on the show and hang out with people who were passoonate about the same things as I was.

Zimbio: I know fans are having a hard time with it ending so abruptly. They love you guys.

Corey: Yeah. I honestly cannot believe what a loyal fan base we have. There's been multiple accounts where they've proved how loyal they are. They've shown so much support. They've been amazing, and we've been so grateful.

Zimbio: Boy Meets World was finishing right around the time you were born, is that right?

Corey: That is correct, yeah.

Zimbio: But you must know how loved it was. Have you seen all the episodes?

Corey: So after I booked the show I went back and watched a lot of the episodes because before that I hadn't seen them. So that was a great introduction to Ben [Savage] and Danielle [Fishel] and the overall tone of the show. In Season 1 we would do tapings for the episodes and I remember all of the Boy Meets World fans would come to the tapings so excited to see Ben and Danielle together again. Season 1 was the first time I really got to see that in person, how much it meant to the fans of [Boy Meets World]. It's really cool.

Zimbio: You worked with a lot of great people, though.

Corey: Yeah.

Zimbio: A lot of strong women, in particular. Danielle Fishel, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard. Do you think you'll ever work with them again in the future?

Corey: I feel like you never really know, but I will definitely be staying in touch and we have stayed in touch since we wrapped Season 3. I've created some wonderful friendships throughout this process, and that's one of my favorite things about being a part of this.

Zimbio: Totally. So you've played Farkle on the show. Are you going to miss him?

Corey: Of course I'm gonna miss him! It's really interesting with this character because I grew up so much with him. There was so much evolution with him, I was adapting with him all the time. There were so many times when I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I don't know who this character is.' We grew up together. I'll be sad to say goodbye, but I'll always have that documented.

Zimbio: You sure will. Do you think you two would be friends IRL?

Corey: I'm not sure. He's very much into science, and while I do find it interesting, I don't know if I'm at that level, so I don't know if we would ever cross paths. But I'm sure I would appreciate his loyalty to friendships in my life.

Zimbio: Is that your favorite thing about him?

Corey: Loyalty is one of my favorite things about him, that's kind of his number one thing, loyalty to his friends and family. That's maybe the one thing that has stayed the same with him throughout the entire show, he's always displayed that and valued that.

Zimbio: So what does the next chapter hold for you?

Corey: I have a few projects I'm attached to that I can't talk about yet. I'm looking forward to the future when I can talk about these things.

Zimbio: So you're just hanging out for now.

Corey: Definitely. Since we've wrapped I've taken this hiatus to re-group and just kind of figure everything out. When were working especially it's just so much go, go, go. I'm tired all the time, working 11.5 hour days so there's less time for that. I've had a lot of personal growth. I feel like I've grown so much as a person and an actor.

Zimbio: And you're 17, so you're in high school right now.

Corey: I'm a senior this year so I'll be graduating.

Zimbio: What are your plans post-graduation?

Corey: I definitely want to go to college, that's always been part of my plan. I don't think I'm gonna jump right into it, I'm gonna figure everything out a little more first. I think I wanna do something with Comparative Literature, something to do with the English language.

Zimbio: Could you see yourself writing your own TV shows?

Corey: I'm not sure.

Zimbio: I checked out your photography. You're talented. Your Instagram is very artistic. It's certainly not what you see on most 17-year-olds' accounts.

Corey: Thanks. I actually discovered my passion for photography within the last few years, during my time on Girl Meets World. Growing up, my mom was really into photography, so it started with access to cameras from a young age. Now I get to travel a lot for press and sight-see and I always bring a camera with me so I can document.

Zimbio: What a great opportunity! So, back to Girl Meets World. The series finale airs tomorrow, January 20. What should we expect?

Corey: Well it's titled "Girl Meets Goodbye" so you can infer a little bit from that, but we have a lot of Boy Meets World people coming back for this episode. It's a huge reunion, but it also wraps up the Girl Meets World era, so it's big. I won't call it a party, because it's not super happy, but it is interesting. Actually, the way we shot it, we weren't sure if we were coming back so we shot it in a way that it could either pass for a finale or not. It's not necessarily super depressing, but it does wrap everything up and I hope people like it because we worked hard on it.

Zimbio: Will you be watching along?

Corey: I think I'm just gonna be at home. I don't usually watch the episodes as they air but I'll probably watch it tomorrow.

Zimbio: So, if Girl Meets World were picked up by another network (cough cough Hulu), would you stay on?

Corey: I would like to think I would, yes, of course. It all depends. There are so many things to take into account. Of course if everyone else came back, we do have more stories to tell, so if we were given the opportunity, I think it'd be nice to pick back up where we left off.

Zimbio: It would.

Corey: Either way it'll be alright.

Follow Corey on Twitter here, and catch the series finale of Disney's Girl Meets World at 6 p.m. on January 20, 2017.

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