This 'Hobbit' Infographic Would've Made J.R.R. Tolkien Very Happy

Because there was a lot more to that final battle than just Legolas defying gravity.

This 'Hobbit' Infographic Would Make J.R.R. Tolkien Very Happy
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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies may have come out a few weeks ago, but the memory of it still lingers for fans of Tolkien's — and Peter Jackson's — work. After all, the film marks the end of a Middle-earth era, closing out a trilogy plagued with more problems than its heralded Lord of the Rings predecessor but still infused with (some of) the magic and heart of Tolkien's book. 

As the title rather bluntly indicated, the last Hobbit film focused on one epic battle waged beneath the shadow of Erebor. Between catching up with our heroes, villains, and arguably unnecessary Lake-town residents, no one could be blamed for losing track of the intricate strategies involved. That's where the folks at came in. They crunched the data, gathered each army's strengths, and broke down the battle by waves of attack. The result is a gloriously compelling and educational infographic. 

This 'Hobbit' Infographic Would Make J.R.R. Tolkien Very Happy

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