StyleBistro Welcomes Tia Mowry as Celebrity Guest Editor

Tia Mowry (Getty Images)

Tia Mowry with her hubby, 'Battle: Los Angeles' star Cory Hardrict
Raise your hand if you grew up glued to the tube to watch Sister, Sister after school. Everyone? Just as we suspected! Well, fans of twin teen icons Tia and Tamera have reason to rejoice: The new Style Network docu-series Tia and Tamera Take Two debuts this August! Plus, it's your lucky day: Tia Mowry is our latest celebrity guest editor!

Currently starring on BET's mega-hit show The Game—for which she's picked up two NAACP Award nominations—Tia has more big news: She and husband Cory Hardrict are expecting a baby boy this July!

When the busy, hard-working mom-to-be sat down with StyleBistro, we found her to be the same effervescent, approachable Tia we've come to love on TV. The actress/producer, who also regularly works with the Make a Wish Foundation, gabbed freely about her battle with naturally curly hair, what she's missed while pregnant (lingerie!) and the struggle to find her own style as a teenage twin.

See an excerpt of our chat with Tia Mowry here:

SB: What's it like being a twin—was it hard to establish your own style growing up?
As a twin, you're always fighting for your own persona. Tamera and I dressed alike until high school! I remember on the first day of 9th grade, walking up the stairs to school and we were dressed alike, Tamera wouldn't stand next to me. I was like, 'Whoa, she wants to be her own person.'
SB: How would you describe your personal style?
My style is kind of changing. It was sort of ghetto chic—hoop earrings and bright colors—now it's more bohemian. I like things that flow.
SB: What's your style obsession?
I'm such a sucker for high heels. I have these 6-inch black Report pumps, they're so sexy. I also like Steve Madden shoes—they're comfy, affordable and have great style.
SB: What have you done to maintain your style during the pregnancy?
It's been difficult. But, I don't think women should give up on style just because you're pregnant. I'm so thankful that I'm pregnant in the spring so I can wear a lot of long, flowy maxi dresses and Tory Burch flats. I've been wearing a lot of Pea in the Pod and Hudson maternity jeans. For formal wear, I love Isabella Oliver and Tiffany Rose—I got this sexy lace cocktail dress for the Battle: Los Angeles premiere. It was beautiful.
SB: What are you most excited to wear again after the baby is born?
Lingerie! I have some really sexy Agent Provocateur pieces—I love them!...Pregnancy is a beautiful time to embrace sexuality, but of course I can't get into any of my bras!

SB: In the Sister, Sister days, you and Tamera had curly hair—then you straightened it. Was that your own decision or a TV thing?
Oh, it was absolutely our decision. We thought, 'We wanna be grown up!' and we associated straight hair with being sexy. I really love my curly hair more—I wear it curly on vacation in the summer—but I think my curly hair hurts my chances of getting roles because it makes me look younger. People still associate the curls with Sister, Sister.
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