Zimbio Exclusive Interview: Daryl Wein of 'Lola Versus'

By Joe Robberson on
(Getty Images, Fox Searchlight) We had the chance to talk with writer/director Daryl Wein about his newest and highest profile film. Due out June 8th, Lola Versus is a frank look at a young woman dealing with the perfect storm of post-breakup depression and her impending 30th birthday. Greta Gerwig stars as Lola and gives a typically likable and nuanced performance. The film was inspired by Wein's real-life open relationship with co-writer and actress Zoe Lister Jones as he explains...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'Lola Versus,' Cute but Contrived

By Joe Robberson on
The Bottom Line Should you see it? No. Why? Shallow and self-aware, Lola Versus contains a fine performance from Greta Gerwig but remains emotionally unspectacular. Caught in the screen-unfriendly world of post-breakup, and pre-thirtysomething female angst, Lola Versus wants to be something much more than it is. Containing a disturbing amount of cheeky hipster dialogue, the film is too self-aware to be what it wants to be: an authentic look at modern women and their realtionships. It is...Read Full Story

Zoe Lister-Jones at the Premiere of 'Breaking Upwards'

By JJ Duncan on
Actress Zoe Lister-Jones was spotted at the after party for the Los Angeles premiere of IFC's Breaking Upwards, which was held at The Silent Movie Theater on April 8. Breaking Upwards tells the story of a couple who try to get the most from their break-up by strategizing exactly how it will happen. Zoe Lister-Jones has worked as an actress, a singer, a playwright, and a screenwriter. She plays the voice of Kim in the Adult Swim show Delocated.Both of Zoe Lister-Jones parents are artists...Read Full Story