Britney Spears Really Wants 'Crossroads 2' to Happen

Britney Spears Wants a 'Crossroads 2'
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Let's pretend to put our cool hats aside for a second and say what we all know is true: we've seen Crossroads and we know you probably have too. No shame. Though the 2002 Shonda Rhimes-penned road trip comedy wasn't exactly a blockbuster success, it did have the makings of teen movie gold. In CrossroadsBritney Spears, Zoe Saldana, and Pennsatucky Taryn Manning played recent high school grads who embark on a cross-country adventure to find themselves and redefine their friendship. There's love, hot dudes, teen angst, and real talk about sensitive issues. Oh, and the film also showcased the best damn karaoke scene ever, so enough said. 
That's why the excitement of the collective Internet was on high after Ms. Spears posted this gem: a single tweet thanking Saldana for defending her after her auto-tune controversy, and kindly asking if she'd be down for a Crossroads sequel. 

All we have to say is bring it. Bring all of it. We're ready to relive the good laughs:  

Britney Spears Really Wants a 'Crossroads 2'

The sexy dances: 

Britney Spears Really Wants a 'Crossroads 2'

The sound friendships: 

Britney Spears Really Wants a 'Crossroads 2'

And most of all, the music. It was always about the music... 

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