Famous Phone Number for Sale on eBay

By Olivia on
Spencer Potter is ready to say goodbye to (201) 867-5309. Photo from the New York Times. As Tommy Tutone famously sang in 1982: "Jenny, don't change your number, 867-5309." His goal is "at least $40,000." But that's precisely what Spencer Potter, the New Jersey area owner of that phone number, is trying to do. Potter, 28, got the number for free five years ago when he set up a phone line for his DJ business, but now he wants to sell it to the highest bidder on eBay. His goal is "at least...Read Full Story

Ebay to integrate StumbleUpon into Skype? Probably the other way around…

By Danny Khatib on  From deluzions.com
eBay plans to buy StumbleUpon according to Om, who asks if eBay might want to integrate StumbleUpon search-like technology into the Skype client. I think it’s the other way around. StumbleUpon is the distribution point. A few points to consider: - Browser toolbars are becoming an increasingly large source of search traffic for Google and for Yahoo!. - They hold insanely good real estate from a UI perspective. - People’s natural inclination is to search while browsing, and browse while...Read Full Story