Best New Music Recommendations Based on Artists You Already Love: Milagres, Rathborne, and More

(Vinyl Thief | KHUSHI)
Rejoice: It's time for new music! Today's offerings are surprisingly male-centric, but there are still plenty of high notes to be found. As always, the recommendations come with illustrative comparisons to aid in the finding of new jams. Ignore them if you're feeling adventurous.

1. David Bowie + Peter Gabriel = Milagres
Brooklyn's Milagres delivered theatrical psych-pop with their single "Jeweled Cave" a few weeks ago, but their latest release has a bit of a romantic "In Your Eyes" shimmer to it. The band's sophomore full-length album Violent Light drops February 25 on Kill Rock Stars.

2. The National + Local Natives = K H U S H I
KHUSHI is the childhood nickname of Londoner Kalim Patel, who has followed his beautiful debut single "Magpie" with the dreamy and textured indie-pop cut "Phantoms." His debut EP of the same name will be released this spring.

3. Talking Heads + Chromeo = Ghost Beach
Brooklyn's Ghost Beach just released this funktastic new tune, a sexy little retro synthpop song sprinkled with touches of the Talking Heads classic "This Must Be the Place." "Every Time We Touch" is featured on the duo's debut album Blonde, which drops March 4 on Nettwerk Records.

4. Tom Petty + Ben Kweller = Rathborne
Rathborne's "Last Forgiven" is just magically, urgently optimistic, and surprising — If you listen the whole way through, it's probably going to make you smile. And if that doesn't work, the band has been known to post mini-recreations of famous movie scenes on Facebook. This must be noted.

5. The Killers + St. Lucia = Vinyl Thief
Listeners who favor swelling, epic synthpop will be charmed by "Stop Motion," the title track off the brand new EP by Nashville rockers Vinyl Thief.
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