I enjoy animal rescue, fresh coffee, historical buildings, old souls and the sea. I once had an argument with international treasure Tony Bennett over who should get into the elevator first. He insisted, "Ladies first." I insisted, "Legends first." Tony won. But let's be honest. I think we all know who the real winner was that day.
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Blood! Battles! Wolves! Deaths! Welcome to reality, Alexandria.  
Oh, come on. How much longer could badass realist Rick Grimes handle Alexandria's delusions without snapping?  
Two bloody deaths take place as the cracks in Alexandria finally begin to show.  
A band of militant, post-Apocalyptic survivors needs to swap blood-soaked fights for board games and roasted squirrel...  
Hot showers (! ! ! ) provide a much needed rebirth for (almost) the entire group. But like everything in the apocalyp...  
It IS hard to trust anyone who smiles after getting punched in the face.  
Turns out, the walking dead are not who we think they are.  
Well, that escalated quickly.  
Rick has no patience left for nonsense. He and the group invade the hospital- but not everyone makes it out alive.  
Rick's temper is about to run hotter than a pile of walkers melting in the Atlanta sun.