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The actor was detained for DUI early Sunday morning and released shortly thereafter.  
Gosling teamed up with 'La La Land' director Damien Chazelle for the NASA-themed biopic.   
'Ocean's Twelve' previously held the record.  
The lovebirds casually announced their nuptials in an Instagram post.   
Lily Tomlin may have spilled the beans on the country icon's unannounced show.  
The show features more trans actors than any American TV series ever.   
The bridal brand Floravere is now offering a Markle-inspired wedding gown for non-royal brides.  
The new flick set the record for lowest opening week performance for a 'Star Wars' film.  
'The Happytime Murders' may star a few muppets, but this flick is NSFW.  
Hannah's suicide marked Season 1 of the Netflix Original, so how is she involved in Season 2?