One Direction and Other Artists Accused of Stealing People's Songs in 2013

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This week, Def Leppard announced that contrary to a story circulated on the Internet, they would not be taking legal action against UK boyband One Direction over their song "Midnight Memories," which sounds an awful lot like their own megahit "Pour Some Sugar on Me." "The chords are one-four-five," guitarist Vivian Campbell explained to Billboard. "Those are the blues. You don't get more basic than that ... [It's] very flattering that all of a sudden these kids think it's a cool sound. I...Read Full Story

Miley Raps About 'Poppin' Molly' on's 'Feeling Myself'

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Miley Cyrus is very tight with mega-producer Pharrell, but that doesn't mean she's not down to work with his arch-nemesis, On Tuesday, a new track called "Feeling Myself" popped up on the Internet, featuring Cyrus, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa alongside the Black Eyed Peas founder and yet another pounding electro-beat.Cyrus raps yet again on the new tune, but it's unlikely there's anyone who'd actually be shocked to hear her rhyme about "poppin' Molly" at this point. It's not a...Read Full Story

Tyler, the Creator Trashes and His 'BUTT S**T' Music on Twitter

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(Getty Images)Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator had a really exciting Monday night. Not only did he get the chance to snap some selfies with Dave Chappelle — one of his longtime heroes — he also had an intense discussion with Black Eyed Peas'"I MADE A BET WITH WILL I AM FOR A MILLION BUCKS THAT I WILL BE MAKING MONEY 10 YEARS FROM NOW DOING WHAT I LOVE AND NOT WHAT MAKES THE MOST," Tyler tweeted Tuesday morning. "N***A SAID "THEN YOU MAKE A DECISION ON WHAT TO DO TO SURVIVE" NO N***A...Read Full Story Wants to Make Music with Taylor Swift — What Would That Be Like?

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Getty has worked with plenty of pop stars — Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears — but he said in a recent interview that he'd be down to collaborate with the sweet and sensitive Taylor Swift."Taylor Swift is dope," he said (via E! News). "I'd like to work with Taylor Swift. I like the girl. We could do something really fantasy-like. That would be cool."So what does that even mean? "Fantasy-like"?Well, since Swift's songs are basically all rooted in reality — well, ex...Read Full Story

Ludacris Barely Beat for the 33rd Spot on Zimbio's '50 Most Influential Celebrities Online' List

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(Twitter) Ludacris loves to share. Whether that means promoting his latest mix tape or commenting on a bar fight, hip-hop fans get Luda-related news faster than anyone else when they follow him on Twitter. These are just a few of the reasons why Luda has snagged the 33rd spot on Zimbio's "50 Most Influential Celebrities Online" list, just barely beating out (34th) and Christina Aguilera (35th).  Zimbio looked at the stats behind 160 top celebs' Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google...Read Full Story is the 34th 'Most Influential Celebrity Online'

By Deena Bustillo on earned the 34th spot on Zimbio's Most Influential Celebrities Online list this year and is the only Black Eyed Peas member to make the cut. Sorry, Fergie.So what makes Mr. i am so popular on the Interwebs? Well, maybe it has something to do with how many stars end up in his Twitpics, or the fact that he's always wearing a crazy outfit in his selfies. He's also racked up an whopping 7,777,790 fans on Facebook.Plus, his creation of the iam+foto.sosho, a luxury line iPhone accessory...Read Full Story

See If You Can Spot the Most Annoying Thing About This Photo

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This is a photo from Miley Cyrus' Jimmy Kimmel Live performance. Can you identify its most obnoxious aspect? Is it the giant gold hashtag on-stage?No.Is it the fact that the guy needs three keyboards for a two-song set?No.Is the fact that Miley Cyrus decided to perform in her underwear?No.Is it simply that is there?Also no.It's the fact that 99 percent of the audience can't go to a concert without recording it on their phones. WTF, people?! If that's too much of a old man "get off...Read Full Story Filed a Really Silly Lawsuit Against Pharrell

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(Getty Images) wants to make one thing clear to all you tastemakers out there: The words "I AM" are HIS thing, okay?Today in absolutely ridiculous, has filed a lawsuit against fellow beatmaker Pharrell Williams over his new creative brand "i am OTHER." Will claims he owns the copyright to the phrase "I AM," and doesn't want any poor soul to get confused. In court papers, the silly hat enthusiast explains, "The registration of the mark . . . is likely to dilute the I AM mark...Read Full Story

Jimmy Kimmel Teases Miley Cyrus About Not Wearing Pants

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Miley Cyrus paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, and naturally, she did so without pants. The lack of coverage didn't slip by Jimmy, who fortunately was very gracious about having so much pop star rear end on his beloved couch. Kimmel also grilled Cyrus on her "We Can't Stop" video, asking her to weigh in on certain shots — like that moment she made out with a Barbie in a pool. But Miley has explanations for everything.In the second part of the interview, posted below, Miley talks...Read Full Story

Watch Judith Hill Sing Both and Justin Bieber's Parts on '#thatPOWER'

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(NBC)When it leaked that powerhouse vocalist Judith HIll would be treating the audience on Monday night's episode of The Voice to a cover of "#thatPOWER" by featuring Justin Bieber, there was consternation. Hill, one of the most established competitors on the show's fourth season, didn't seem the type to rip into an electro-pop tune, but that was the point: She wanted to prove to everyone that she can do just about whatever she wants, and do it like an artist. With big, towering...Read Full Story