Dojo Challenge, Naruto

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Naruto: Lee opens a dojo because he feels like he isn't keeping up with his training. He is hoping challengers will come to his dojo to face him in battle.  Source: HULURead Full Story

Naruto, The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle

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The first lady of the Land of Honey and her entourage have disappeared. Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata are sent on a mission and they discover an eerie castle looming in the middle of the road!Read Full Story

Naruto, The Third Super Beast

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During Lee's medical check-up, he discovers that there's a lot of damage in his chakra network. Guy tries to cheer him up by taking Lee to the Academy training hall.Read Full Story

Naruto hot blooded confrontation

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Seeking revenge for his dead father, Genho, Yagura's true identity and oldest sibling of the Ryudoin Brothers, confronts Guy using a unique Jutsu.  Source: HULURead Full Story
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