Celebrities' Worst Pregnancy Fashions

Yeah, I know, It's never cool to make fun of pregnant ladies. But some of these celebrity moms are practically begging for some kind of Style Smackdown.

4. Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez was notoriously mum about her pregnancy. She claimed for months that the rumors of her eventual mommyhood were completely false, while wearing the following outfit during her US tour with husband Marc Anthony:

image from etonline.com

Not all of Ms. Lopez' fashion choices were quite so horrendous, but the turquoise high-waisted pants automatically put this in the shortlist of bad pregnancy ensembles.

3. Katie Price
British import Katie Price, aka Jordan, has yet to make a name for herself in the US. Perhaps that's why she chose to wear this outfit to a children's book launch in London a few years ago.
Getty Images

Gigantic fake breasts are really par for the course among reality TV stars. But did she have to wear the tiara?

2. Christina Aguilera
Famous blogger Perez Hilton claimed that the nearly nude photos of Christina Aguilera published in Marie Claire last year were "tasteful" and "sexy." I beg to differ.

 image from pixdaus.com

I know it's hard to peg nudity as a "fashion decision," but Christina's wearing at least three pounds of makeup in this shot. I don't like the idea of Oompa Loompa spawn. It isn't the makeup crew's fault, either--Christina really loves face paint. I wonder if her son would recognize her without orange skin.

1. Britney Spears
While pregnant with second son Jayden James, Britney Spears wore this outfit for her Matt Lauer interview, in which she complained about the media's constant criticism of her appearance. One of her fake eyelashes came off when she started to cry. She'd apparently refused hair and makeup help, choosing instead to do it all herself.

 linked from ballz.info

We didn't know that this wouldn't be the worst of it. At least she still had hair.

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