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Corey Feldman Courtney Anne Mitchell Outside Craig's Restaurant In West Hollywood
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Courtney Anne Mitchell 
Corey Feldman Famous' Post-Show Talkback Panel - The Truth Is Exposed, Now What?
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Corey Feldman Corey Feldman And Courtney Anne Mitchell Dine At Craig's
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Corey Feldman Picture Corey Feldman Picture Corey Feldman Picture
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Courtney Anne Mitchell 

21 Celebrity Memoirs with Ridiculous Puns for Titles

By Darrick Thomas on
For most celebs, an autobiography is a chance to set the record straight, open up their lives to the world on their own terms. For others, it's an opportunity to be as clever as possible with a snappy, pun-centric title. Judging by these memoirs though, wordplay is best left to the pros.Corey Feldman - Coreyography (I mean, let's just get the winner out of the way first.) Ron Jeremy — The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz R. Kelly — Soulacoaster Gene Simmons — Kiss and Make Up David Hasselhoff...Read Full Story

Pictures of Corey Feldman with Hot Women (Mostly his Wife)

By Charlotte Brittan on
Naming this article "Pictures of Corey Feldman with Hot Women" was not an easy conclusion at which to arrive. We could have called it, "Corey Feldman: The Great Lover of Women" but that would have sounded sappy. So we went with our hearts and decided to just call it what it is. Corey was married to a Susie, a Playboy model. Anyway, surprisingly, it didn't work out. And so the man went on a rampage the likes of which we haven't seen since the 70s free love fests. Pics below, mostly of he and...Read Full Story

Corey Feldman: No Public Memorial for Corey Haim

By BangShowbiz on
Getty ImagesCorey Haim's mom Judy has decided to have a small dinner with close friends to remember her son -- who tragically passed away from an accidental drug overdose last month -- rather than a large public service.Writing on his blog, pal Corey Feldman said: “Now I must be the bearer of some very disappointing news to many of you out there." He continued, “After weeks of consideration and planning, the ultimate decision has been made by Corey’s mother Judy Haim to not go forward...Read Full Story

Corey Feldman's New Tattoo Contains Cryptic Tribute to Corey Haim

By JJ Duncan on
(Pacific Coast News | Inset from TMZ.com)Corey Feldman decided to stay in California during Corey Haim's private funeral in Toronto on Tuesday, but he marked the day his long-time friend was laid to rest in a new tattoo on his left shoulder. Feldman was spotted at T-Man Tattoo in Studio City where artist and owner Howard T worked on a hot air balloon with a pair of eyes underneath. Corey had his son's name, Zen, tattooed in the balloon's basket, and the number 222 beside the basket. It...Read Full Story

Corey Feldman Larry King Appearance

By Olivia on
Corey Feldman appeared on Larry King Live last night in the wake of pal and co-star Corey Haim's death, and he had some harsh words for the teen idol's fans. He said he's "angry, hurt and sad" that the general public didn't offer Haim their support when he was still alive, although everyone's been quick to give condolences upon his death. The two Coreys (Babble.com) He said (via New York Daily News): Where were all these people the last 10 years, the last 15 years, of Corey's life? Where...Read Full Story