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Ricky Gervais Actor and Comedian Ricky Gervais Interviewed for SiriusXM's Town Hall Series With Hosts Jim Norton & Sam Roberts
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Ricky Gervais NBC's "Today" Season 66
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Here's That Shia LaBeouf Clip from 'Nymphomaniac' Everyone's Been Talking About

By Lani Conway on
Out of all the hype director Lars Von Trier's new project Nymphomaniac has garnered, perhaps none of it has been as, um, risqué, than what Shia LaBeouf reportedly was supposed to do for the film. According to rumors, the Transformers actor was actually going to "do the deed" sans the use of body doubles. Although those rumors were quickly squelched (Von Trier is using body doubles for close-up images of everything below the belt), people were still very, very curious. Well, we finally have...Read Full Story

Did Golden Globes Producers Put Ricky Gervais on a Leash?

By JJ Duncan on
Ricky Gervais was notably absent from much of the Golden Globes telecast Sunday night. While the host was given mostly free reign during the 2011 show, it seemed producers might have limited the bawdy British comedian's appearances during the 2012 show.Gervais only appeared onstage six times counting his opening monologue and brief goodbye. Meanwhile many of the introductions were handled by the official announcer instead.In his first appearance on the show, Gervais took the opportunity to...Read Full Story

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes Suit Is Devilishly Red: Photos

By JJ Duncan on
Ricky Gervais looked devilish on the Golden Globes red carpet in a shimmering red suit that perhaps spoke to his intentions during the show.Gervais, of course, was chosen to host the Globes for his second year in a row despite a controversial outing last year. The British comedian is expected to turn the Globes into a Hollywood roast in grand fashion yet again.Last year Ricky Gervais was funny and mean in exactly the way everyone expected him to be funny and mean while hosting the 2011 Golden...Read Full Story

Why Ricky Gervais Won't Watch The Oscars

By Lauren Gerber on
Ricky Gervais wrote a mock-monologue for hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway to perform on Sunday, but he won't be watching the big event. Why is he skipping out?The openly atheist claimed: "I am forbidden to work on The Sabbath. I pleaded with my Bishop, 'But surely watching The Oscars counts as pleasure.' My Bishop replied 'Then you are a bigger c--- than you look my son.'"Well then, with that said...enjoy a snippet of the script Gervais wrote for the hosts:Franco: "He did his award show...Read Full Story

Ricky Gervais Confirms He's Worth $80 Million

By BangShowbiz on
Ricky Gervais took to his blog recently to verify reports that he is one of the world’s most highly-paid comedians, but he insisted he gives a lot of his fortune to "good causes."He wrote: "They are of course spot on. I know it sounds a lot, but remember, I donate a lot of this to good causes. The Inland Revenue mainly. The Inland Revenue is the British version of the IRS.”The 49-year-old star also joked that now the word is out he’ll have to share more of his riches.He said: "I will have to...Read Full Story